Battlestar Galactica Meets Abed: Tricia Helfer, Matt Lucas To Guest Star On Community

Extraordinarily perfect casting news to blow Abed’s mind: Battlestar Galactica siren Tricia Helfer and Little Britain creator Matt Lucas are to guest star in the upcoming Community Season 4.

TVLine exclusively reports that Helfer and Lucas will cross Abed’s path in Episode 4.

In a plot inspired, perhaps, by this year’s WhoCon in Cardiff, the pair will play Inspector Spacetime superfans attending a convention for Abed’s beloved Doctor Who parody.

At a WhoCon panel session Steven Moffat was asked about the possibility of doing a Doctor Who — Inspector Spacetime crossover.

The Doctor Who showrunner joked, “I’m not going to have those Americans taking the rip out of our show!”

But what a fantastic idea for Comic-Con or Community, perhaps? Come on, Matt Smith! Save Greendale!

Doctor Who Season 7 premieres in the UK on Saturday 1 September, 7:20pm on BBC1.

Doctor Who Season 7 premieres in the US on Saturday 1 September, 9pm ET on BBC America.

Community Season 4 premieres in the US on Friday 19 October at 8:30pm ET on NBC.

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