Doctor Who, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship Trailer: Rory’s Dad

This trailer for the upcoming Doctor Who episode, “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship”, features pterodactyls, rampaging T-rexes and — in a sublime bit of casting — Mark Williams as Rory’s dad.

It also features Williams’ fellow Harry Potter alum David Bradley as the villainous Solomon.

Bradley most recently made Games of Thrones viewers’ flesh creep as the lecherous Walder Frey, and he’s due to hit the small screen in the television adaptation of Ken Follett’s World Without End later on this year.

The Doctor (Matt Smith) is battling to save an unmanned spaceship and its cargo of dinosaurs, so he puts together a band of rather unlikely helpers, including former Queen of Egypt, Nefertiti (Riann Steele) and a big game hunter named Riddell (Rupert Graves).

The episode was written by Doctor Who veteran Chris Chibnall (Camelot,TorchwoodLaw & Order: UKwho told SFX that the idea started with the title. “I had a meeting with Steven Moffat, and he said, ‘I have just four words to say to you: Dinosaurs On A Spaceship.’”

Doctor Who Series 7 airs in the UK on Saturdays, 7:35pm on BBC1.

Doctor Who Season 7 airs in the US on Saturdays, 9pm ET on BBC America.

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