Save Cork Street!

Save Cork Street! A British art institution threatened by developers

UPDATE: A Save Cork Street! protest will take place at 12pm on Saturday 13th October outside Native Land’s office at 10-12 Cork Street.

A bastion of artistic and cultural life is under threat from the developers. The Save Cork Street campaign is petitioning Westminster Council to stop any potential redevelopment of one side of the street into offices and or flats.

You can sign the online petition here.

Many moons ago I worked in Cork Street, as a gallery assistant. It was the start of a brief and not terribly illustrious career in the commercial art world.

But, for a year or so, I was Martin Landau‘s dealer.

Art dealer, that is. Alas, the gallery I worked in is now defunct, as will many more be if the developers move in.

To read more about the threat to Cork Street  click over to The Guardian.

If you’d like to enter the Cork Street Open Exhibition click here.

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