The Friday Goodies: Beanz Meanz Heanz

(Photo: BBC)

“If I was a millionaire, and lived off private means, I’d still spend all my money on lovely, hot baked beans!”

Welcome back, Friday Goodies fans. Here are four minutes or so of nostalgia in the shape of Tim Brooke-Taylor’s Heanz Beanz Boy.

A perfect spoof of Heinz’ television adverts from the 1960s and ’70s, Beanz Boy is a nervous child actor who does his best to remember his lines. When he flubs them the director is very cross indeed.


And here’s one of the ads that inspired Beanz Boy.

The aspirational Heinz Beanz Boy was a chirpy cockney who used to breeze in and announce his grand ambitions, such as “I’m going to travel around the world.”

However, his plans were generally thwarted by his impossibly posh mother who stifled his attempts at greatness by plying him with platefuls of steaming hot baked beans.

Eat your beans, and you’ll never leave this house, darling!


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