Star Trek: Into Darkness — New Trailer! But Is It Khan?

Photo: Paramount
Photo: Paramount

Time to unleash the happy dance, Star Trek fans!

Paramount has unveiled a teaser trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness, which shows Benedict Cumberbatch in all his villainous glory.

Cumberbatch has got the whole John Crichton vibe going on in the promo pic, but is he really the new Khan?

That’s the question which has been vexing fans since filming began. Personally, I’ve been lobbying from the beginning for Cumberbatch’s character to continue down the crazy Roman Emperor route and be called Caligula Morningstar. But, hey, I know J.J. Abrams doesn’t take my advice often.

The Radio Times has an interesting theory: the Japanese teaser trailer has an extra few seconds at the end, which do seem awfully reminiscent of the end of The Wrath of Khan.

But, it could all just be Abrams et al. messing with our heads. My, how they love a good bit of misdirection. And for my part, I am loving the fact that we still don’t know. We have another five months to go before it comes out, people!

I’ve got my fingers crossed that the arm in the green woolly jumper actually belongs to William Shatner, not Chris Pine, and that it’s Shat–Nimoy redux.

One thing’s for sure: Star Trek fans are über-protective of The Wrath of Khan. And rightly so. But is it still considered to be the best Star Trek film? Check out the Trekkies’ heated debate at Destination: London.

All will be revealed when Star Trek: Into Darkness premieres on 17 May 2013.

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