Blake’s 7 Remake: The Pilot Script Has Been Written

blakes-7-logo-570x427Okay, Blake’s 7 fans, time to put on your happy pants: the much-desired television remake is a giant step closer to becoming a reality.

Blake’s 7 producer Andrew Sewell announced on Twitter: “A new rebellion dawns. Joe Pokaski’s two-hour pilot script for #Blakes7 has just been delivered!”

It was reported back in August that Syfy had placed a script-to-series order, so if the suits like what Pokaski’s produced we could see a 13-episode series in the works soon. Stay tuned for updates.

If you’re in need of a Blake’s 7 fix while you wait, check out The Liberator Chronicles series of enhanced audiobooks from Big Finish Productions.

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3 thoughts on “Blake’s 7 Remake: The Pilot Script Has Been Written

  1. I’m having a hard time thinking of anything else after I heard about a B7 remake in the works. I really hope SyFy don’t mess it up. Best show ever conceived. What exciting news! };->

  2. I echo Roys comments. Really excited about this, but keeping an open mind as to what a rebooted Blakes 7 will be like after 30 years of progress in the world of story telling via TV. In particular looking forward to a re-imagined Liberator with Zen the onboard AI, Kerr Avon and cheeky Orac.

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