The Friday Goodies: Puppet Power

(Photo: BBC)
(Photo: BBC)

“Time for bed!”

Forget the last days of disco. As the list of Operation Yewtree celebrity arrests grows ever longer, the 1970s seem more and more like the last days of the Roman Empire.

So, it was with some trepidation that TVClaw revisited the 1970s BBC archive for The Friday Goodies this week.

But it was worth it. This week’s installment, “Puppet Power”, is pure slapstick.

The Goodies head to the Prime Minister’s country retreat, Chequers, to take on a secret puppet cabal headed by the evil geniuses known as Sooty and Sweep.

Yes, the puppets are running the country. And compared to what we now know was lurking behind the wings in the ’70s, they don’t seem as menacing as they did the first time around. (Apart from the giant Zebedee, obviously.)

If you’ve ever had nightmares about being chased by Dougall, or being attacked by a life-sized Andy Pandy, you might want to to look away now.

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