Ripper Street Gets a Second Series

Get your tweed on: Ripper Street will be back for more in 2014!


The BBC has commissioned an eight-episode Series/Season 2 of the bawdy, violent drama, due to air on BBC 1 and BBC America in 2014.

Starring Matthew Macfadyen (Spooks/MI-5) as technology-loving, forward-thinking Inspector Albert Reid, steampunky Ripper Street is not your grandma’s period piece.

Created by writer Richard Warlow (Mistresses, Waking The Dead), Ripper Street is set in the East End of London in 1889, just after Jack the Ripper’s infamous unsolved murder spree. It follows the fortunes of Reid and his motley band of policemen and hangers-on at 72 Leman Street, E1. (My first ever job was in Leman Street. I wasn’t a copper though.)

Never seen it? In brief, think: Deadwood with cockneys. But it’s more than that. Ripper Street has been building momentum over the first series with its grim, warts and all depiction of life in Victorian London.

The drama boasts a great ensemble cast — special mention has to be made to Jerome Flynn — ably abetted by an excellent roster of guest stars such as Iain Glen (Ripper Street is “what I did on my summer holidays” for Game of Thrones stars), Lucy Cohu, Patrick Baladi and Hugh O’Connor.

Announcing Series/Season 2, BBC drama commissioning controller Ben Stephenson said: “Quality and ambition run through Ripper Street, from Richard Warlow’s original scripts, the incredible cast and the captivating direction. … All combine to create a period series with a modern and gripping edge.”

For his part, Warlow said: “I am enormously grateful to have been given the opportunity to return to ‘H’ Division once more and will be working tirelessly to ensure that those who have joined us each week will find ever more compelling crime-fighting thrills down on Ripper Street the second time around. The series will move forward into the 1890s: the death rattle of a century coming to a close, the labour pains of a modern world on the rise. It is this sense of climax and calamity that, week by week, our heroes will confront with conviction and heroism.”

In the UK: Ripper Street airs on Sundays, 9pm on BBC1

In the US: Ripper Street airs on Saturdays, 9pm ET on BBC America


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