Blake’s 7 Remake Update: It’s Set In London (And Space)

blakes-7-logo-570x427Fear not, Blake’s 7 fans: the remake is moving along as planned.

And producers Andrew Mark Sewell and Leon Clarance have revealed some tantalising details about their “suitably amazeballs” new version.

According to Sewell and Clarance, Blake’s 7 is progressing very nicely, thanks.

Responding to questions on Twitter, Clarance said the remake is “shaping up suitably amazeballs,” and Sewell concurred that everything’s going as planned. “All well but nothing to report,” he said.

Writer Joe Pokaski delivered the third draft of his script for the two-hour pilot back in late January. After reading it, Clarance Tweeted, “I defy any network executive to not like that version.”

Syfy placed a script-to-series order last year, so if the suits like what Pokaski’s produced we could see a 13-episode series in the works soon.

So, what’s occurring? The new Blake’s 7 is set in London. And space. Clarance teased that the first line of the final pilot script is: “Int london – Blake’s apt – morning.”

Excited much? Stay tuned for updates.

If you’re in need of a Blake’s 7 fix while you wait, check out The Liberator Chronicles series of enhanced audiobooks from Big Finish Productions.


10 thoughts on “Blake’s 7 Remake Update: It’s Set In London (And Space)

  1. Excellent news,that the new remake will be set in London,as well as space.The fact,that at it,s heart retaining it,s British origins

  2. Cant believe there have not been more replies to this! Im really looking forward to this remake.

    David Hewlett to play Vila Restal – his character Rodney in SGA was very similar to Villa. I’d love to see him play that kind of thing again.

    Morena Baccarin to play Servalan – In the 2009 remake of ‘V’ when she first appeared with that short hair cut, it vividly reminded me of Jacqueline Pearce as the Evil Supreme commander. I think Morena really proved her talent playing evil Anna. I would like to see her do Servalan’s character justice.

    Not sure who should play Kerr Avon or the others yet. Will post back if I think of someone

    1. Hewlett would be an interesting choice. I get the impression they’re looking to cast a Brit as Blake (Jason Isaacs would be my pick), but as for the rest, who knows? I agree that Morena would be great as Servalan, but would she be able to pull double duty with ‘Homeland’? Polly Walker could be awesome in the role. And I still want Minnie Driver for Jenna.

      1. Yeah it feels right that Blake’s character is adorned by a British accent (I think Gareth Thomas was Welsh?) Isaac’s was great in Awake. Funny for me Blake was never the main guy – probably because I was very young and my first experience of the show was from season 3 with Avon in control.

        So who who might make a good Kerr Avon? Perhaps a bit whimsical but how about Zachary Quinto?

        Very interested to see what they will do with both Zen and Orac AI characters. Can you give us any thing on this?

    1. Yeah, actually Benedict is a pretty good choice. There’s even some small resemblance to Paul Darrow.

      I do hope Paul Darrow gets some cameo part.

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