Blake’s 7 Reboot: Add Your Choices to the Casting Wishlist

blakes-7-logo-570x427There has been a lot of chatter this week about how the Blake’s 7 reboot is shaping up, and no topic has had more chatter than which actors are going to be in it.

Exec producer Leon Clarance tweeted a while ago that Episode 1 of the new 13-episode Syfy series kicks off in Blake’s London apartment. And that the episode will feature: Blake, Gan, Vila, Servalan, Avon, Travis, Jenna and Zen.

Clarance also said that casting was “already starting to get interesting,” but so far hasn’t elaborated.

In the absence of hard news let’s speculate wildly, try not to cry when remembering the awesome BSG lineup and how it skews who can play what in Blake’s 7, ignore actors’ pre-existing work commitments, and compile our own dream cast for the new, amazeballs Blake’s 7.

Add your picks in Comments.

The TVClaw Blake’s 7 Casting Wishlist

Blake: Idris Elba, Paul Blackthorne, Jason IsaacsWild card: Clive Owen.

Gan: Jason MomoaKristian Nairn, Rory McCann. Wild card: Ray Stevenson.

Vila: James Callis, Mark Sheppard, John Thomson. Wild card: David Tennant.

Servalan: Lucy Lawless, Minnie Driver, Hermione NorrisWild card: Lena Headey.

Avon: Dominic West, Lennie James, Peter CapaldiWild card: Paul Darrow.

Travis: Hugh Laurie, Ben Browder, Sebastian Roché. Wild card: James Purefoy.

Jenna: Leah Cairns, Natalia Tena, Michelle Ryan. Wild card: Billie Piper.

Zen: Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Brian BlessedWild card: Paul Darrow.

Excited much? Stay tuned for updates.

If you’re in need of a Blake’s 7 fix while you wait, check out The Liberator Chronicles series of enhanced audiobooks from Big Finish Productions.


19 thoughts on “Blake’s 7 Reboot: Add Your Choices to the Casting Wishlist

  1. Blake: Ben Browder
    Avon: Idris Elba
    Jenna: Katie Sackhoff
    Vila: Alan Tudyk
    Cally: Andrea Riseborough
    Gan: Aaron Douglas
    Travis: Dominic West
    Servalan: Gillian Anderson
    Zen/Orac: Alistair Lock

  2. OK here’s some random names of some lesser known actors and actresses to think about… I’m sure you,ll have to Google some of them…

    Blake..Norm Lewis
    Avon ..Ramin Karmiloo.
    Villa.. Noel Feilding..
    Jenna…Emilia Fox.
    Cally ..moon bloodgood..
    Tarrant..Colin Morgan..
    Dahna..samantha barks..
    Sue linn ..summer glau..

    Servillann..michelle ryan..

      1. Why thankyou..

        Don’t you think it’s a good idea to make cally more native american for the american audience?

  3. Blake: Jason Isaacs (Awake)
    Avon: John Simm (Life on Mars & Dr Who)
    Vila: Mark Sheppard (Supernatural)
    Servalan: Lena Headly (Game of Thrones)
    Travis: Damien Herriman (Justified & Vegas)
    Jenna: Michelle Ryan (Dr Who)
    Gan: Kristian Nairn (Game of Thrones)
    Zen: (voice) Stephen Fry (Sherlock Holmes)

    Six British actors. one American and one Australian

    1. Now that’s a cast I’d love to see in action. Maybe we could mix it with some of Kevin’s suggestions and reunite Lena Headey and Summer Glau?

  4. Blake: Michael T. Weiss (Jarod – The Pretender)
    Avon: Andre Braugher (Det. Pembleton – Homicide:Life on the street)
    Jenna: Kelly Hu (Arrow: China White)
    Villa: Michael DeLorenzo (Det. Torres – New York Undercover)
    Gan: Sonny Badham (Billy- Predator)
    Zen: James Earl Jones
    Orac: Brent Spiner

    Servalan: Andrea Parker (Miss Parker – The Pretender)
    Travis: Willem Dafoe (Green Goblin/ Norman Osborn – Spiderman)

  5. I always though Michael Ironside would have made a decent Avon. He’s getting on a bit now though so not anymore unfortunately. Personally I think Mark Sheppard would make a better Avon than a Vila. He is after all well practised in playing the loveable villain and for the witty one-liners.

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