‘It’s Ghost Time!’ Doctor Who: ‘Hide’ Preview Clip



It’s Hammer Horror Time in Doctor Who this week.

The upcoming series/season 7 episode, ‘Hide,’ finds The Doctor and Clara in a posh house.

Cue thunderclaps, candelabras and a nervous-looking Dougray Scott. They’re on the trail of a ghost. Lady Grantham, if you’re there, rap three times on the table…

Come on Who fans, time to pull up (or jump behind) a sofa and watch the new preview clip, courtesy of the official Doctor Who website.

And as if that wasn’t enough, click over to RadioTimes and check out the latest sneak peek photos from the set of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode: Matt Smith, David Tennant, old-school TARDIS and a Zygon!

In the UK: Doctor Who airs Saturdays at 6.45pm on BBC One

In the US: Doctor Who airs Saturdays at 8pm ET on BBC America


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