Atlantis And The Tomorrow People: Back To The ’70s
Come in number seven, your time is up (

“He’s the lone survivor of a lost civilization … thrust into ours!”

Okay, anyone hoping to see Mark Harris, a speedo-wearing webbed hottie “who is both human and a creature of the deep,” popping up in BBC One’s new drama Atlantis Saturday night will be sorely disappointed.

The replacement show for Merlin is not a remake of ’70s cult fave Man from Atlantis, so don’t tune in expecting to be amazed by Mark’s astonishing prowess at reading the newspaper underwater.

As casting director Andy Pryor tweeted, tongue firmly in cheek, “No Patrick Duffy but you can’t have everything.”

Not a pair of yellow swimming trunks in sight (BBC One)

Instead, this new drama concerns antediluvian Atlantis and boasts a killer cast (Mark Addy, Juliet Stevenson) battling their way through a mish-mash of  well-known myths and legends.

Apparently, the Minotaur used to take time out from chasing virgins through his Cretan Labyrinth to visit the other end of the Med. Who knew?

Meanwhile, fans chomping at the bit until the new Blake’s 7 reboot hits screens, can get a taste of yet another ’70s remake in the shape of The CW’s upcoming The Tomorrow People.

This season John and the gang will be mostly wearing sludge tones (
This season John and the gang will be mostly wearing sludge tones (

And there is great news for fans of the original.

Just as Ronald D. Moore’s Battlestar Galactica gave a tip of the hat to its predecessor by including Apollo Richard Hatch, TVGuide reports that The Tomorrow People will welcome back original star Nicholas Young (you know, the one who always looked like he should have been modelling knitting patterns) in a recurring guest spot.

Sadly, there’s been no word yet on whether Flintlock drummer Mike Holoway will also be back to quicken the hearts of his now-40-something fans.

Watch this space for updates. At the rate the ’70s are coming back, TVClaw wouldn’t be at all surprised if Pauline’s Quirkes made an appearance in the listings.

Check out the preview clip of The Tomorrow People and tell us what you think:

Atlantis premieres on BBC One in the UK, Saturday 28 September at 8.25pm

The Tomorrow People premieres in the US on The CW, Wednesday 16 October at 9pm ET

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