Ripper Street Not Dead Yet?

Great news for Ripper Street fans: the drama could be back for a third series after all. But don’t put away your widow’s (t)weeds just yet…


According to The Guardian, Ripper Street production company Tiger Aspect is in talks with Amazon streaming service LOVEFiLM to secure a third series of the drama.

Under the terms of the proposed deal, LOVEFiLM would stump up most of the budget for Ripper Street Series/Season 3 in return for premiering it online in the UK. It would then air on BBC One shortly afterwards.

Should that actually happen, and should a third outing for Reid and the gang do well, then LOVEFilM would also have an option to commission a Series/Season 4.

Such a deal would be ground-breaking in the UK, but there is a precedent across the pond: cult fave (and subject of much lively fan agit-prop) Arrested Development was resurrected thanks to a co-production deal between Netflix and NBC.

A Tiger Aspect spokesman said, “The creative team have great vision and high ambition for future series of Ripper Street. It would of course be marvellous to find a route to make these plans reality.”

A BBC spokeswoman said: “The BBC is looking at partnerships that could enable Ripper Street to return but at better value to licence fee payers.”

So there you have it. H Division could ride again. Stay tuned for updates!

Ripper Street is Cancelled


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