The Returned Drinking Game

“T’inquiète pas…” is French for “be very very very afraid” Here is the TVClaw way of interacting with excellent French drama, The Returned. It’s very simple. Every time a character says “t’inquiète pas…” (“don’t worry”), take a drink. If they’re stroking someone’s hair as they say “t’inquiète pas…”, take two drinks. Pretty soon, bof! You’ll … Continue reading The Returned Drinking Game

The Returned Finale: What Just Happened?

“T’inquiète pas…” should be the cue to have everyone run screaming from the room “Don’t worry” has to be the most frequently uttered phrase in The Returned. Scared because your child/wife/brother has returned from the dead? “T’inquiète pas.” Tense because you want to know what it’s all about, how it will end, why the dead … Continue reading The Returned Finale: What Just Happened?