A TVClaw Miscellany

I think I’m going to use A TVClaw Miscellany to round up my miscellaneous musings. However, it’s a work in progress, so stay tuned to see what I do with it.

You may even enjoy the results!

How tech is forcing firms to be better global citizens

Online chatting gets the thumbs up from bosses 

Hacking Patient Behaviour: Rory Sutherland

Sports analytics meets medicine: Geoff McGrath

The social network transforming mental healthcare: Jen Hyatt

The nanotech revolution: Sonia Trigueros

Understanding psychobiotics: John F. Cryan

The future of prosthetics: Nigel Ackland

Neuroscience meets gaming: Adam Gazzaley

The Art of Dining: Osterley House
This is what’s it like to dine in splendour inside a National Trust palace when all the tourists have gone home

My Dad and Roy Kinnear: When Anoraks Collide
In memory of the aul’ fella on the occasion on his 80th birthday

Ten Films I Watch Every Year
They may not be the best films ever made, and some have definitely aged better than others, but they each have a special place in my heart

Fanny Cradock Cooks for Christmas: The Kitchen Diva Reconsidered
“Sherry in trifle is horrid! I’m sorry if I offend you”

Grand Days Out: Docklands
“One if by land, and two if by sea; Four if by cable car; And I on the opposite shore will be …”

Destination: Star Trek London
It’s a nice day for a Klingon wedding

Grand Days Out: Coram’s Fields
Playing on the site of the word’s first incorporated charity, in London’s first public children’s playground

Grand Days Out: Richmond Park
Growing up right by Richmond Park meant that I spent a lot of time there as a child

World Porridge Day 2012: Get Involved
It’s back! Mary’s Meals presents the fourth World Porridge Day

The Friday Goodies: Earthanasia
“What haven’t I done yet? Or what have I done that I enjoyed so much I want to do it again?”

Are Tiny Plays The New Theatre?

The Friday Goodies: Arthur C. Clarke
“A common or garden rhinoceros, floating upside down in the water, holding a French loaf in its mouth, balancing a tortoise … ”

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant: View From Vauxhall
“Look Philip, there’s TVClaw! Cooo-eee!”

In Praise of Andy Williams

Save Cork Street!
A British art institution threatened by developers

The Weeping Angels Play Hide And Seek
Even time-travelling super-villains need a little down time

The Friday Goodies: Kitten Kong

The Finest Victorian Loos In London?
Classic Victorian conveniences may be on the brink of extinction

London 2012 Games Canal Boat Service Folds
Champagne Charlies?

Open House London 2012, London Night Hike 2012

Divided Loyalties: England vs. USA at the World Cup
We’re football crazy, we’re football mad… and we’re willing to swap sides in order to win

Have You Read the One About … ?
Dip your toes into some of my other work


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