Star Trek Beyond: Trailer Released

Is this the day J.J. Abrams became the sci fi movies supreme being?

Today all we’re really thinking about is Star Wars, right? (Major shout out to Friend of TVClaw and Star Wars Superfan, Dave McKew for nabbing a ticket to the world premiere in Hollywood today!)

Not to be left out, Paramount have just gone and released a trailer for the J.J. Abrams-produced Star Trek Beyond. Directed by Justin “Fast and Furious” Lin it’s going boldly into new territory. What do you think?

Hard Times

A very thoughtful essay on what life is like in hard times. And how to make a difference. From the always interesting and interested Deborah Mason.


Throughout September I stood on street corners in Peckham and handed out flyers for the Peckham Fun Palace.  Well I tried to.  The first set of flyers were designed to encourage people to come forward with ideas and suggestions, or just enthusiasm, to take part in the making of the Fun Palace, later on and nearer the date I had flyers with things that people could come to – a choir, a monster workshop, a flash-fry-Frankenstein.  Everything was free.  It was also supposed to be fun.  But for some reason the idea of ‘free fun’ or ‘free fun event’ or ‘Peckham Fun Palace’ seemed like anything but fun to the people of Peckham as they laboured along burdened by shopping, kids or just a scowl.  I mean, of course, some people did take the leaflet, some people even smiled and said thank you.  Some people even came.  But it puzzled…

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