Doctor Who, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship Trailer: Nefertiti

So the second episode of Doctor Who Season 7 is almost upon us and (altogether now) it features dinosaurs! On a spaceship!

The episode was written by Doctor Who veteran Chris Chibnall (Camelot, Torchwood, Law & Order: UK) who told SFX that the idea started with the title. “I had a meeting with Steven Moffat, and he said, ‘I have just four words to say to you: Dinosaurs On A Spaceship.’”

The Doctor (Matt Smith) is battling to save an unmanned spaceship and its cargo of dinosaurs, so he puts together a band of rather unlikely helpers. First up: Queen Nefertiti (Riann Steele, Holby City).

Doctor Who Series 7 airs in the UK on Saturdays, 7:35pm on BBC1.

Doctor Who Season 7 airs in the US on Saturdays, 9pm ET on BBC America.

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Doctor Who, Asylum Of The Daleks: New Trailer

As the Doctor Who Season 7 premiere fast approaches, the BBC has released another tantalising trailer.

This one’s for the opening episode, “Asylum of the Daleks.”

It looks like it pays more than a stylistic nod to Star Wars, particularly with the Dalek eye popping up through the snow just like an imperial probe on Hoth.


Doctor Who Season 7 premieres in the UK on Saturday 1 September, 7:35pm on BBC1.

Doctor Who Season 7 premieres in the US on Saturday 1 September, 9pm ET on BBC America.

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Doctor Who: Season 7 Scoop

This is my report for The Huffington Post from the Doctor Who Convention held in Cardiff, Wales in March 2012.

Caro Skinner and Steven Moffat were holding their cards pretty close to their chest and dodging reporters as much as they could, but they did unveil the first Season 7 trailer to the packed crowd of enthusiastic and knowledgeable Whovians.

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