Ripper Street Has Been Saved! By Amazon Prime Instant Video

Time for Ripper Street fans to dust off the bowler hats, fire up a cheroot and do the happy dance: Ripper Street is coming back from the dead. Yes, really!


The recently axed drama is being revived by Amazon’s brand, spanking new service, Amazon Prime Instant Video. It will re-run the first two series/seasons followed by an all-new third.

Lead actors Matthew Macfadyen and Jerome Flynn are confirmed for Series/Season 3, which starts filming in May. Fingers crossed, the rest of the fantastic cast will also be back. Step away from the razor, Artherton…

Flynn, who broke the news live on-air that Ripper Street had been axed, thanked fans with a heartfelt message on his Facebook page:

Dear friends, I’m sorry you have been kept in suspense for so long, but I’m afraid my hands have been somewhat tied whilst all the small details have been ironed out..but I’m delighted to say I can now officially share with you that Ripper St is going to a third series! And we start filming in May. … Its wonderful news, and I want to thank you all for being such a huge part in getting the show back after what felt like a premature death. So congratulations all of you! I know everyone involved is keen to make it even better than the 1st two series, and I really do believe we can do that…thank you again and catch you soon with another important post! A happy heart full day to you all, Jerome. X

Rumours of an Amazon/LOVEFiLM deal to save Ripper Street have been circulating for a while, and programme makers Tiger Aspect confirmed back in December that they were in talks to relaunch the drama.

Announcing the deal, Jason Ropell, Head of Amazon Instant Video International Content Acquisition, said: “We’re delighted to have secured not only the highly popular first two seasons of Ripper Street for our Prime Instant Video customers, but we can also confirm today that we will making season three, news that we know will delight the millions of fans of this brilliant British drama.”

Pantomime villain BBC drama boss Ben Stephenson said: “This deal gives fans another series of the show they love at excellent value to the licence fee-payer, ensuring that the BBC can also commission an entirely new, yet-to-be-announced drama series.”

Never heard of Amazon Prime Instant Video? You’re not alone. It is being launched today, with this most serendipitous news. From the horse’s mouth:

Amazon has announced that it is combining two of the most popular subscription services in the UK, Amazon Prime and LOVEFiLM, to become Prime Instant Video from Wednesday (26th February). Amazon Prime offers members unlimited One-Day Delivery on over 7 million items and access to 500,000 Kindle books to borrow. LOVEFiLM Instant includes unlimited streaming of more than 15,000 popular movies and TV episodes. When the two programmes combine, Prime will be offered at the low price of £79 a year – a 35% savings for all the benefits of the two previously separate services. As a special offer customers can lock in a full year of Prime at £49 until 26 February. Current Prime members can enjoy unlimited streaming at their current price until their renewal date. Customers who are not already members can start a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime by visiting

Excited, much? Stay tuned for updates. @TVClaw


Ripper Street Is Cancelled

In news that will have even the most hard-hearted doxies, coiners and bludgers weeping into their hankies, it seems the time has come for Artherton to turn off the lights, lock up 72 Leman Street and post the keys back through the letterbox: The BBC has cancelled Ripper Street. (Sob!)


According to Jerome Flynn falling ratings were cited by the BBC axe wielder who cut off the bawdy drama in its prime. 

Flynn made the shock announcement during an interview on Simon Lederman’s BBC London show. Appearing on the show to promote Big Band Aid, Flynn stunned both Lederman and fans when he said, “sadly to say, and this might be the first mention of it publicly, but we found out this week that Ripper Street, that the third series of Ripper Street isn’t going [to happen] … We’re all in shock.”

He added, “It was up against I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and that’s been cited as one of the reasons in terms of viewing figures. … We’re all in absolute shock because it is a wonderful job and … it’s kind of unfinished work so we’re all hoping it will turn around. … It’s one of my most favourite jobs.”

Flynn said that the writers had mapped out some great storylines for Series 3. Shame we won’t get to see them.

As reported by MSN UK, a BBC spokeswoman confirmed the news, saying: “We are very proud of Ripper Street which has enjoyed two highly ambitious series on BBC One. However, the second series didn’t bring the audience we hoped and in order to make room for creative renewal and new ideas it won’t be returning.”

So there you have it. Schedule a creative, thought-provoking, tightly written ensemble drama with some of the best actors around up against a bunch of has-beens sitting around scratching their arses and occasionally eating arses, and what happens? More people watch the has-beens than the drama and so the drama is killed off.

That’s the way the TV industry works, kids. If Ripper Street had not been moved from its original Sunday night slot and been scheduled up against a ratings behemoth Series 2 may have attracted more viewers and thus survived. It may not have, of course, but now we’ll never know.

Welcome Back, Jerome Flynn

Ripper Street Gets a Second Series

The Game of Thrones Cast: Don’t I Know You From Somewhere?

Welcome Back, Jerome Flynn


Do comebacks get any better than this?

From Soldier Soldier to chart-topping pop moppet, to … where?

Once one of the biggest stars — and most famous vegetarians — on British television Jerome Flynn has largely been off-screen for nearly 15 years.

While his erstwhile pop partner Robson Green was carving out a high-profile career in dramas like Touching Evil and Wire in the Blood, Flynn just dropped off the television radar.

And then in 2011 Jerome quietly returned with a small but pivotal role in Game of Thrones. Barely recognisable as Simon Cowell’s blond cheeky chappie protégé who’d outsold Oasis in the mid-1990s, veteran sell-sword Bronn was wrinkly, gaunt, dark and bearded.

Flynn displays a deft touch as the grizzled mercenary, and the interplay between him and Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) is a joy to watch. If there was an Emmy for best double-act, surely Flynn and Dinklage would be a shoo-in. They steal every scene they’re in — not easy when they’re competing against such a stellar cast.

Just when it looked like Flynn was easing himself back into things, he turned up as Sergeant Bennet Drake in Ripper Street. And he is brilliant. Over the space of the first few episodes Flynn has transformed Drake from shotgun-toting, menacing sidekick to vulnerable, traumatised survivor via a series of riveting, understated performances.

In Episode 5, “The Weight of One Man’s Heart,” Drake is almost undone by his feelings for prostitute Rose (Charlene McKenna) and his vengeful former commanding officer, Colonel Madoc Faulkner.

Played by Iain Glen (here’s hoping Ripper Street is now officially “what I did on my summer holidays” for Game of Thrones stars) with a maniacal glint in his eye, Faulkner stirred some of the demons hidden behind Drake’s hard man public persona. Flynn’s nuanced performance hinted at the inner torment that he was struggling to contain. Every piece of him seemed to be tightly clenched.

With Game of Thrones 3 imminent, and the news that Ripper Street has been commissioned for a second series/season, here’s hoping that the renaissance of Jerome Flynn continues apace. Memo to Simon Cowell: keep your mitts off.

In the UK: Ripper Street airs on Sundays, 9pm on BBC1. Game of Thrones Series 3 premieres Monday, 1 April at 9pm on SkyAtlantic.

In the US: Ripper Street airs on Saturdays, 9pm ET on BBC America. Game of Thrones Season 3 premieres Sunday, March 31st on HBO.

Ripper Street Gets a Second Series

Get your tweed on: Ripper Street will be back for more in 2014!


The BBC has commissioned an eight-episode Series/Season 2 of the bawdy, violent drama, due to air on BBC 1 and BBC America in 2014.

Starring Matthew Macfadyen (Spooks/MI-5) as technology-loving, forward-thinking Inspector Albert Reid, steampunky Ripper Street is not your grandma’s period piece.

Created by writer Richard Warlow (Mistresses, Waking The Dead), Ripper Street is set in the East End of London in 1889, just after Jack the Ripper’s infamous unsolved murder spree. It follows the fortunes of Reid and his motley band of policemen and hangers-on at 72 Leman Street, E1. (My first ever job was in Leman Street. I wasn’t a copper though.)

Never seen it? In brief, think: Deadwood with cockneys. But it’s more than that. Ripper Street has been building momentum over the first series with its grim, warts and all depiction of life in Victorian London.

The drama boasts a great ensemble cast — special mention has to be made to Jerome Flynn — ably abetted by an excellent roster of guest stars such as Iain Glen (Ripper Street is “what I did on my summer holidays” for Game of Thrones stars), Lucy Cohu, Patrick Baladi and Hugh O’Connor.

Announcing Series/Season 2, BBC drama commissioning controller Ben Stephenson said: “Quality and ambition run through Ripper Street, from Richard Warlow’s original scripts, the incredible cast and the captivating direction. … All combine to create a period series with a modern and gripping edge.”

For his part, Warlow said: “I am enormously grateful to have been given the opportunity to return to ‘H’ Division once more and will be working tirelessly to ensure that those who have joined us each week will find ever more compelling crime-fighting thrills down on Ripper Street the second time around. The series will move forward into the 1890s: the death rattle of a century coming to a close, the labour pains of a modern world on the rise. It is this sense of climax and calamity that, week by week, our heroes will confront with conviction and heroism.”

In the UK: Ripper Street airs on Sundays, 9pm on BBC1

In the US: Ripper Street airs on Saturdays, 9pm ET on BBC America